Dam and Water Recources Engineering Publication List 2015-2016

Journal Subscription List - Sala
No. Journal Title Publisher Name Journal Type URL
1 Analytic solution of the three dimensional unsteady advection equation
for non-conservative
 contaminant transport in streams
د. بشير ثابت محمد ISER- 44th international conference on chemical and
 international science
2 Analysis of High Velocity Free Surface Flow Interaction with a Bridge Pier in
 a Trapezoidal Channel using CFD.
د.عبدالله عبدالواحد
International journal vol.11-2016
3  Oxygen mass transfer in an aerated stirred tank with double impellers –
 a generalized
correlation including spacing impact
د.حيدر محمد International journal of chemical engineering
4 power consumption, mixing time, and oxygen mass transfer in a gas
– liquid contactor
 stirred with a dual impeller for different spacing.
د.حيدر محمد Journal of engineering  
5 Dependence of aeration efficiency in projected water profile in a water
transmit tank spray on hydrodynamic
د.حيدر محمد    
6 Waste management in USA through case studies: e-waste recycling and
waste to energy plants
د.ريم عبدالحكيم the 31stinternational conference on solid waste
 technology and management
7 Estimating the Richardson-zaki index for non-spherical irregular natural sediments
 in a concentrated suspension
د.ريم عبدالحكيم The journal of solid waste technology and management

8 Open boundary condition for a numerical SPH method to characterize
 the flow in open channels
د. سرهنك مصطفى            View Link


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