Electrical Engineering Publication List 2015-2016

List of publication of Elctrical Engineering Staff

ژ توێژەرەكان ناونيشانى توێژينەوە شوێنى بلأوبونەوى توێژينەوە لينكى ئەنترنيت
1 احمد خالد احمد
د. سفین یاسین عزالدين
Simulation of the Dynamic Model of a Three Axis Stabilized Satellite SU-ICEIT 2016 Download
2 د جلال جمال حمدامين   8x8 MIMO System Transmission Characteristics with MCCDMA Multiplexing For Next Generation Mobile System International journal of System Signal control and engineering applications Download
3 د جلال جمال حمدامين Comparative Study of Mobile Devices With respect to  EM Parameters and Succesive Absorption Rate (SAR)  Sylwan Journal Download
4 ديارى رؤوف سليمان The DVS Controller: Analysis, Design, and Simulation SU-ICEIT 2016 Download
5 د. فاضل توفیق عولا Optimal Control Scheme for Flicker Mitigation in Large-Scale PMSG based Wind Energy Conversion Systems ZANCO Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences  
6 د. فاضل توفیق عولا Real Time Estimation of Kalman Filter Parameters using the Genetic Algorithm for Optimum Balancing Controller of Two-Wheel Robotic System SU-ICEIT 2016 Download
7 سركار جوهر محمدشريف
د.احمد محمد سنجارى
Dual Axis Solar Tracking System Using PLC SU-ICEIT 2016 Download
8 جمال عبدالله حسن Capacity study for UMTS system in present
of Femtocell Network
9  جمال عبدالله حسن  Development of Mobile Application for IJSR - INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH  Download
10 محمد عبدالباقی ابراهیم A Universal Biquad Filter and a Quadrature Oscillator Using Only Two CDTAs  SU-ICEIT 2016  Download
11 نیان خضرعزیز
‌‌‌طارق رشید
فەنار ‌‌فرید
The influence of illumination on facial feature extraction ITA2015 Download
12  د. ثريا محمود قرداغي
نوروز نورالدين عبدالرزاق
 Comparison between Separable and Irreducible Goppa Code in McEliece Cryptosystem  17th International   (ICCNS) Istanbul, Turkey  WASET
13 فاطمة كامل
د. ثريا محمود قرداغي
ديانا حيدر
Investigating the Effect of Error Correcting Codes on the Compressed Speech Signals SU-ICEIT 2016 Download
14 فاطمة كامل
جليل عزيز
Fingerprint Recognition using wavelet transform an-NN classifier. Poly technique journal-Hawler Download
15 د.سماح عبدالكريم مصطفى Interference Estimation and Mitigation in Wireless Network  International Journal on Computing and Digital System  
16 د.سماح عبدالكريم مصطفى  Capture Aware Multiple Access Protocol in Wireless Network  The Journal of Engineering Research  
17 بناز سفين ابراهيم
حلمي فاضل أمين
 The DFIG WT Performance under Grid Voltage Distortion with Proportional Integral and Multi Resonant Current Controller  SU-ICEIT 2016 Download
18 د كمال حمدامين يونس و نيكولاس ريكى Two basic solving method of Cauchy-problem of the first order differential equation International conference in internet and application  
19 توانا صلاح الدين حسين
أمين عباس عبدالفتاح
Voltage Profile Improvement of KR Power Network using Reactive Power Control SU-ICEIT 2016 Download
20 د جلال جمال حمدامين Rain Effect on Ku-Band satellite System ZANCO Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences  
21 ديارى رؤوف سليمان
جليل عزيز
ئاره‌زوو م. عزيز
The Radar Coverage Studies and Simulation for Bana Bawi Anticlines in Erbil City-Kurdistan Region of Northern Iraq ZANCO Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences  
22 بناز سفين ابراهيم
حلمي فاضل أمين
 The Current Control Regulator Parameters Effect based on PI+MR of DFIG WT under Grid Voltage Distortion at PCC ZANCO Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences  
23 نیان خضرعزیز
‌‌‌طارق رشید
Student academic performance using artificial intellegence Zanco Journal For pure and applied sciences Download
24 د. ثريا محمود قرداغي  Cryptosystem Based on Error Correcting Codes Zanco Journal For pure and applied sciences  
25 د. ثريا محمود قرداغي
ديانا حيدر
 4x4 MIMO-WiMAX System Zanco Journal For pure and applied sciences  


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