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Planning unit is a vital unit in the Engineering College. Here, every employee has his/her own record in a specific and developed system. We took the responsibility of this unit in the middle of November 2014. The first step we did was studying and understanding the duties and the existence system of planning unit. Subsequently, we can change it to a better system and add new ambition to this unit.

After many meeting with the dean we decided to move the system from Excel to Access. This was indeed a big jump since there was little information about the employees and academic staff of the college in planning unit.

Many requests had been made to the heads of departments asking for information about their staff. In addition lots of forms had been distributed and then collected from the departments.

Luckily, now we have a stylish elegant online system embedded in our college website. Thanks to IT unit especially Mr. Sirwan who design and create the system for planning unit. If you want to have a look, here is the link that leads to planning unit system: .


Mardin A. Anwer

Chairwoman of Planning Unit


Our object is to have a trustful and global database that holds all the information about our staff. So the other unit can use it whenever they need. This will help in connecting our staff with real life people outside the university and industries in better ways.

We have personal and academic information about our staff. Such as their full name, academic title, ID information, marriage status, address and contact number.

We are asking respectively our staff to provide us with the latest information whenever changes are made. Hence we have up to date information and a real contact ways.

 Contact Information:-





  • Salahaddin University - Hawler 44002 SUH College of Engineering Kirkuk Road Erbil - Kurdistan Region, Iraq
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  • 00964 - 066 2260198

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