PH.D Degree Program

$1·  Those who are chosen for completing their PhD. Should be qualified of having a special condition, which is to have a MSc. Certificate. Other points just like the MSc. Program a special test will be proposed in special subjects then those who pass will be accepted and their names will be declared.

$1·   The study is of courses having 20 – 25 units and the dissertation unit is of 35-40 units. Then the student should pass a qualifying examination. After passing the exam the student ill have the righ to choose a subject for discussion his dissertation. Similar to MSc. Study the PhD. Student can pass the exam if he/she gets at least sixty percent in the subjects and at least seventy percent as general average for the total subjects.

$1·Finally, a committee of discussion comprised of two members with the chairman will decide the success of the dissertation. The last thing is a decision by the president of the university accepting the dissertation and giving the PhD. Certificate.


    Salahaddin University-Erbil accounced 253 PhD seats for the new academic year 2015/2016.

    The doctorate degree will be processed according to the new roadmap to PhD that has been approved by the ministry council in 2015. The study starts on 15 November 2015. For more information about availability of seats , eligibility , deadlines and how to apply visit Salahaddin University website on this link.






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