Admin for Undergraduate

Applicants must have:

$1·         Completed upper secondary or equivalent studies.

$1·         Satisfied subjects and other prerequisites such as interview

$1·         The student after his admission should report to the College within a week. The college may, however, grant him     another week, if he lives at a distant.

$1·         Absence should be intimated within 20 days after the issuing of admission results.

$1·         The academic year is divided into two semesters and at the end of each there is an examination for all the subjects.

$1·         The college council holds a committee for managing and controlling the semester exams.

$1·         The final results and degree should contain the following grades (marks will not be used, unless necessary):

$1·         Excellent90 - 100

$1·         Very Good80-89

$1·         Good 70-79

$1·         Satisfactory 60-69

$1·         Pass 50-59

$1·         Failure 49 and below

$1·         50% is considered the minimum marks for seceding in each course, if the student did not reach this minimum, he will have to repeat the exam.

$1·         If the student is absent for more than 15% (in some case 20%) of the decided hours, he will be considered a failure.

$1·         If the student fails he should recommence the same ear in the subjects he failed, in case of changing of the program he will exempted from the omitted subjects and is asked to take the new subjects.


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