Erbil Construction Forum

Construction Forum Program

Day one (21Feb. 2017)

Registration 9:00 – 10:30

First session;

-10:30 – 11:00 (opening Ceremony and speech)

-11:00-11:15 (MOCAH presentation)

-11:15-11:30 (after Disaster ,professor from Massachusetts University)

-11:30-12:00(Road projects, Dr. Safwat Sead)

-12:00-1:30 (rest and lunch)

Second session;

-1:30-3:00 (road panel &Discussion; Topics in Road Design)

* Super-pave technology: Dr. Aso Faiz Saeed Al-Talabany

SUPER PAVE Implementation in Kurdistan

* Traffic and safety: Dr Noori Sadeq Ali

Road Safety Management

* Tunnel technology: (MOCAH)

* Bridges: Dr. Omar Qarani Aziz

ACI Iraq chapter, Normal and long span bridges

Day Two (22Feb, 2017)- First session

-9:30-11:00 (Building Panel & Discussion; Green Building)

*Green Building Concepts: Dr. Salahden Ghareb Kadr

Green building concepts

* Building Certificate and standards: Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Khayat

Green buildings certificates and standards

*Building Material: Dr. Dilshad K. Jaf

Concrete sustainability and assessment

* Sustainability of Green Building UN-Habitat: (MOCAH)

11:00-11:30 Coffee breaks

-11:30-1:00 (Laboratory Panel & Discussion; Building Materials and Tests)

* Building material Tests: Dr. Dillshad Khidhir Hamad Amen

Testing Special Types of Concrete

* Testing Technology: Dr. Mohammadtaher M. Saeed Mulapeer

Plastics Testing Technologies.

* Polymer Modification: (MOCAH)

*Advanced Testing Equipment (MOCAH)

-1:00-2:00 (Rest& Lunch)

-2:00-2:30(Final Report and Remarks)


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