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The department established in 2000 with accepting just 20 students. the Engineering College was the first college to start this prestigious branch. The number of students gradually increased year by year, so now we have over 200 students for BSc. courses. In 2002 the department has started to open high diploma courses, afterwards in 2006 MSc. courses started to be given to postgraduate students. 

The department act as a dynamic research department, drawing skilled researchers from the region and reacting swiftly to the changing technological landscape. Some 15 researchers are currently working within the department, including academic staff, research staff, and research students. A part of these research activities, the department has a well-known annual fair named SEDAF. 

Software Engineering Department Fair-SEDAF

The exhibition aims to focus attention on the extensive research activities undertaken within the software and to give our students the opportunity to present their project to the Kurdistan’s community. The entire projects are designed and proposed for both private and public sectors use, and hence the government institutions in particular will get benefit in implementing these projects in order to provide services to the citizens effectively and efficiently.

There are different professional software projects for presentation in the exhibition along with various posters every year. The projects are more feasible for KRG’s institutions.

Consultation and Department Capabilities

The Software Engineering department in the college of Engineering, Salahaddin University Hawler has a big team consists of 35 excellent software programmers and developers. The team is able to embark on and deliver the following tasks:-

1.  Design and develop database software programs for small, medium and large scale companies using tools such as HTML, CSS, DHTML, Java Script, PHP, ASP, SQL, MySQL, etc. 


Design and develop web sites for small, medium, and large scale companies and corporates using tools such as HTML, CSS, DHTML, Java Script, PHP, ASP, SQL, MySQL, etc.


Design and develop application programs for business or research purposes in various disciplines such as sciences, engineering, Medical science, accounting, business, administration, agricultural and others using tools such as JAVA, C#, C, C++, Open GL C++,  Auto cads 2D/3D, Prolog, Visual web developer, visual Basic, etc.
4.  Design and develop the installation of communication systems( hardware and software)
5.   Consulting Telephone exchange (PSTN).
6.   Design and Installation of microwave link.
7.   Conduct various hardware and software testing
8.  Design and develop different business software systems that aim at forecasting, categorizing and clustering the future values of the business products, and business behaviors.
9.  Design and develop educational software programs for the educational purposes.
10.  Design and develop software programs that can be used in general hospitals and clinks to serve the health system in Kurdistan.

Design and develop security systems.

Training Courses

Software Engineering Department in SUH can provide courses at different levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced)  in various software, hardware, computer science, networking, and application programs, these courses are not limited to:-

  • Database courses
  • SQL courses
  • PHP programming courses
  • Prolog courses
  • Web programming courses
  • Object Oriented Programming (Java, C# , C++, PHP)
  • AutoCADs (2 and 3 dimensions Engineering drawings)
  • Computer Compunction and Networking systems
  • Teaching programing languages
  • Customized courses
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