Software and Informatics Engineering Presidency welcoming Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the software and Informatics Engineering Department at College of Engineering at the University of Salahaddin.  The department aims to develop our regional and international reputation as a centre of excellence for student experience and employability through delivering education and conducting research that contributes in building Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). The department offers a dynamic and stimulating atmosphere in which to study inspiring and creative subjects in the area of Software and Informatics Engineering. The department also aims to be the top research and teaching department in Iraq in general and Kurdistan in particular in the area of Software and related Engineering. The building up of inclusive knowledge puts it in a robust position to contribute to all facets of the creation of the software design systems of the future.


It is a dynamic research department, drawing skilled researchers from the region and reacting swiftly to the changing technological landscape. Some 35 researchers are currently working within the department, including academic staff, research staff, and research students.  They provide consultancy and software designs in all aspects for government establishments in the region.

In addition, the department aims to be the leading provider of employable graduates in the region via introducing the latest academic concepts, new learning and teaching methods, and practice-based research of relevance to the regional and cultural community.

Furthermore, the department of Software and information Engineering is a multi-disciplinary field that includes software , information and Networking engineering that form, investigate, scheme, incorporate, optimize, maintain, organize and managing of systems and processes.  Nowadays, the power and influence of software and information engineering are by far indispensable and more substantial and inescapable. It is worth mentioning that this prestige that computers have has essentially been sustained over the last few decades more than that of numerous other systems of different fields, not to mention that the engineering of software and information has a great sway on our lives, in fact it has even changed the way we view the world.

The department is mostly concerned with incorporating different aspects of software and information engineering. In this spirit, this will help the students to concentrate not only on the innovative and fresh technologies in this direction, but further emphasize highly on where the software and information engineering are utilized and on how to incorporate and transform them into other personal and professional systems that we lack desperately in our daily lives.

The department is involved in both teaching and research and implements all the suitable quality assurance processes offered by the College of Engineering. The department provides undergraduate programmes along with the MSc programme in Software Engineering, and plans to offer PhD programmes in the future. Our syllabus are designed to encourage and cultivate innovation and independent thinking, working towards graduating students who are skilled and respected professionals within the area of software engineering. It helps students to integrate the culture and values of their community in various facets of their works. We instruct our graduates to challenge the market, to continue their own development independently and to develop the skills for which their potential employers are progressively recognizing a need.

The department also provides short courses in the area of IT for general public and KRG’s employees. Professional courses at affordable prices at a time to suite them, with valuable discounts for university and government employees. All professional courses are delivered by our staffs who are vender certified in the qualification they are delivering.

I am very appreciative of our staff and students for their commitment and support, and I very much welcome you as you join our thriving department and wish you a very enjoyable and successful career.

Dr. Shareef Maulod Shareef

Head of Software and Informatics Engineering Department

Last modified on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 00:07
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