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Mechanical Engineering Department established in 1986. In the academic year 1987-1988 the students were audited in the department for the first year, and the first group of studentsgraduated in the department in the academic year 1990-1991 they got B.Sc degree in general Mechanical Engineering. Postgraduate Studies leading to (M.Se) and (Ph.D) are going on in the department. The department is participating in conducting many work-shops and training courses for the local engineers. The Present intake is 60 students. The department has all the infrastructural facilities that are necessary to impact quality education as per the the academic requirements of the College of Engineering. Well qualified and experienced teaching staff guide students in research and help them in developing good skills.

Mission Statement of Mechanical Department

The mechanical engineering department delivers an educational program of study that prepares its graduates to become intellectual leaders in industry, government, and academia. Graduates of our programs are grounded in scientific, mathematical, and technical knowledge through coursework that keeps a fast pace with current relevant technologies. Moreover, they have ability to analyze, synthesize, and design engineering systems through their immersion in the problem-based activities via University Research; and, by means of general education courses, they have enhanced their ability to communicate and have acquired an understanding and appreciation for other areas of human intellectual achievement.

Objectives and Outcomes of Mechanical Engineering Department

Graduates of the program will have a professional and scientific education that allows them to be successful as career engineers and in the most demanding graduate programs. The following points are the main goals of the Department:-

  1.    To understand and apply concepts of basic science, mathematics, computation, and engineering science   essential to professional practice.
  2.      To design of experiments, in proper instrumentation methods, in the techniques of modern data acquisition and in methods of data interpretation.
  3.    To develop those skills essential to design process, including problem formation, synthesis, construction and testing and/or evaluation. 
  4.    To enhance those talents that are necessary for effective professional interaction, including multi disciplinary collaboration, successful oral communication and effective writing.
  5.     To encourage an understanding of technology within a global/societal context, the need for continued professional development, the importance of professional development, the importance of professional responsibility and the ethics of professional practice.
  6.     To prepare students for long-life learning and continuous education.  

     Department requirements

Candidates for the B.S. degree in mechanical engineering must pass the four years of studying in applications of Mechanic’s, Basic sciences, and interdisciplinary studies. Students must consult with their head of faculty to determine appropriate courses.

 All mechanical engineering students must have their schedule course book reviewed, approved, and signed by their lecturer each semester. Any deviation from an approved course schedule may delay graduation.

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