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The Department of Mechanical Engineering of Salahaddin University provides great Bachelor, Master, and a PhD of Science degree programs. It provides friendly environment, affordable education and well-balanced life. The college is located in Erbil city, which is the capital of Kurdistan Region in Iraq. The city is one of the most dynamic and wonderful place for cultural, technological, manufacturing, financial, and touring activities in Kurdistan region.Mechanical engineering department was established in 1986. In the academic year 1987-1988 the students audited in the department for the first year, and the first group of students graduated in the department in the academic year 1990-1991, they got bachelor degree in general Mechanical Engineering. Postgraduate studies leading to MSc and PhD are going on in the department. The department is participating in conducting many workshops and training courses for local engineers. The present intake is 60 students. The department has all the infrastructural facilities that are necessary to impact quality education as per the academic requirements of the college of engineering. Also Well-qualified and experienced teaching staff will guide students in researching and 

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Rizgar Bakir Wali 

Assist. Prof. MSc. Mechanical Engineering

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department

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