Study Programs

Undergraduate Programs

The Department offers an upper-division curriculum, which leads to the B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. The curriculum is based on a strong foundation of fundamental courses in the pure sciences and engineering, and professional courses in mechanical engineering. Furthermore, the curriculum also provides a background in the field of design, analysis, development, and applications of both complete mechanical systems and a wide variety of individual system components in many different fields.

The B.S. program offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering encompasses many areas, such as solid mechanics, dynamics and controls, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, energy conversion, and manufacturing. This background is strengthened and integrated through application in a sequence of broad engineering design and laboratory courses. The department has a significant equipment for experimental investigations.

Computers are used extensively throughout the curriculum, with emphasis on interactive computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, and simulation of engineering systems. The Cooperative Education/Internship Program is also available to qualified students.

Writing Across the Curriculum Courses

The curriculum comprises through studying decided into eight semesters. In each semester, a part from the class works of the students are required to complete exhaustive laboratory works. 

After the completion of 6th semester, the students take up industrial training in different organizations to become familiar with the different industrial and governmental environment. In the final semester, students of the college will carry out a project – work in partial fulfillment of their regular course – work.

These courses are ME 100, ME 200, ME 300, and ME 400. During the year, the student will perform three exams, two for the first and second course which representing 40 % of the total mark, and the third one during the last year (final exam) which representing 60 %. If the student fails in that exam, he has a right to repeat the last one after two months of the first attempt. 

Department Syllabus

First Year


Second Year


Third Year


Fuorth Year


Overall Units = 163

Total Hours Per Year for all Years = 3570


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