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Architectural Department has been established in the academic year 1993- 1994, and it has until now five years graduators. The graduators from this department after a five-year study get B.Sc. degree and as an architect, they serve the community.The staff at the department are holding M.Sc. and Ph.D.degrees with a wide range of specializations, scientific degrees, and knowledge. Also a number of engineers and employees are working in the department together with the teachers. Now a project for a new department building with a number of classes (both theoretical and practical), laboratories, and drawing halls are considered. The five years course leading to Bachelor of Architecture degree commenced, during 1993-1994 academic year with an approved intake of 15 students. Presently it has (124) students, (12) teaching staff. Despite its recent beginning the department has carried a niche for itself in the field of Architectural education in Kurdistan.

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  • Salahaddin University - Hawler 44002 SUH College of Engineering Kirkuk Road Erbil - Kurdistan Region, Iraq
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