College Council

College Council is a highest authority in the college who determines its policy and takes appropriate decisions for their implementation and authorizes the Dean to take its place in it. The Council is composed of a Chairman (the Dean) and membership of heads of scientific departments and  Dean assistant.


The College Council is composed of the following members:

First row from the left: 


1. Dr. Shareef M. Shareef   Head of Software Eng. Dep.
2. Asst. Prof. Faisal A. Daham   Head of Dams & Water Resources Dep.
3. Prof. Dr. Safeen E. Yaseen   The Dean
4. Asst. Prof. Dr. Muhammed A. Ibraheim
  The Vice Dean
5. Dr. Mahmood A. Baker                     Head of Architecture Eng. Dep.

Second row from the left: 

1. Dlovan Muhammed Saeed                      Students Representative
2. Mr. Hilmi Fadhil Ameen                              Head of Electrical and Electronics Eng. Dep.    
3. Mr. Azad R. Abdulwahab Head of Surveying Eng. Dep.
4. Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmed H. Muhammed Scientific Affairs Manager
5. Asst. Prof. Rizgar Bakir Wali Head of Mechanical Eng. Dep.
6. Mr. Dlawar RaufAcademic Registrar
7. Asst. Prof. Dr. Shuker Q. Aziz Head of Civil Eng. Dep.


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